Denktas, a top-tier law firm in Istanbul, is a team of English speaking lawyers who are specialized especially in Family Law, Criminal Law, Turkish Citizenship, Inheritance, Turkish Real Estate, Turkish Citizenship by Investment, Collection of Receivables, Immigration, Mediation, Labor Law, Employment and Companies Law, practicing both in Turkey and in Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus.

As one of the most reputable law firms in Istanbul, we provide full service with a corporate understanding to our domestic and global clients. We are reliable, trustworthy, and quick to take necessary actions on our clients’ behalf.

Our English speaking lawyers are prompt to report any development with our clients.

We pride ourselves with our strong legal skills, and our excellent understanding of best quality work.

Family & Divorce

DENKTAS has well known litigation and consultancy practice in the areas of family law as to Engagement, Marriage, Divorce, Sharing of Assets, Custody, Alimony, Divorce Compensation, Prenuptial Agreement, Adoption, Recognition and Enforcement of Foreign Judgments.

DENKTAS provides fast, solution oriented, reliable and accurate legal services in the areas below by way of day-to-day follow up of the matter, application of most recent regulations and coporate approach:

  • Divorce Lawsuits
  • Compensation Claims in Divorce Lawsuits and Settlements
  • Divorce Settlements
  • Child Custody Lawsuits
  • Child Abduction
  • Receviable Lawsuits for Marriage Assets
  • Prenuptial Agreements
  • Amendment of Identity Records
  • Marriage Formalities of Foreigners in Turkiye
  • Recognition and Enforcement of Foreign Awards in Turkiye

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Inheritance & Trusts

We help our clients to tailor most efficient solutions for their local and international assets by addressing legal and tax related issues. By offering asset and inheritance planning, we ensure that clients’ wishes are fulfilled and that their loved ones are protected.

We advise on succession, wills, trusts, probate, letters of administration, resealing, and international probate establishment.

We have dealt with many strategic and multinational inheritance disputes to defend the interests of our clients.

DENKTAS is a corporate and established law firm which provides professional legal services to its private clients in the sense of the professionalism that reports on a prompt manner without any delays and take actions after approval and consent of its clients. The services provided are not limited to but includes:

  • Inheritance Tax and Financial Management
  • Succession
  • Wills
  • Draft of Wills and Enforcement Thereafter
  • Trusts
  • Probate
  • Accession of Inherited Assets
  • Management of Inherited Assets
  • International and Multinational Probate

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Recently mediation has become a more common practice in Turkey. It is mandatory that commercial, labour, consumer and insurance related disputes must first be brought to mediation before filing a lawsuit. Denktas’s experienced and multilingual mediators are professionals with an extensive success rate for helping parties solve their disputes.

DENKTAS has developed effective dispute resolution practice for various conflicts in the areas of commercial law, consumer law, labour law, family law, insurance law, and rentals as well as all areas of law which may involve voluntary mediation in accordance with Turkish laws and legislation.

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Criminal Law

DENKTAS provides services for the defendant and complainants regarding economic crimes, sex crimes, crimes against privacy, crimes against property, crimes regarding theft, fraud, embezzlement, counterfeiting on money, forgery of official documents, gambling, forex, cyber crimes, online betting, and tax crimes.

DENKTAS is a team of trustworthy and highly capable lawyers who manage competing pressures and promptly react by taking timely legal actions in regards of all economic criminal matters.

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International Family

Our English speaking lawyers have extensive experience in the international divorce cases all around Turkey and all around the World. Turkish family law includes alimony, child custody, alimony for spouse, divorce, seperation, preparation of family law protocols, marriage, prenuptial agreements, citizenship by marriage.

International divorce cases apply where at least one of the spouses is a foreign national or abroad. With the increase in international marriages; international divorce, custody, alimony and property division cases have also entered the field of international family law.

All foreign nationals, may be divorced in Turkey. Even if none of the spouses are Turkish, Turkish courts may hear the divorce cases.

Our Law Firm also acts for collection of alimony receivables, child custody and international child abduction (kidnapping) cases.

We also have expertise in enforcement of foreign court judgments in Turkey.

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Employment Law

We handle everything from C-suite termination to collective bargaining negotiations. We also advice on employment contracts, termination and settlement proceedings, mediation process, obtaining work permits, and management audits.

We also prepare training materials for a variety of topics including regulatory compliance, ethical conduct, use of social media, antitrust, white collar crimes, contract negotiations and organize such training sessions for executive and management teams in cooperation with HR or legal departments of employers.

We represent employees in compensation and re-hire lawsuits, breach of contract claims and in cases of rejections for permission applications, fines issued by administrative authorities or deportation issues including ban of access, we offer our clients representation for litigating against such decisions or measures.

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Real Estate Law and Conveyancing

DENKTAS provides services regarding landlord and tenants, commercial real estates, and buying and selling of property in Turkiye and Northern Cyprus. Our mediators help landlords and tenants reach settlements in order to end their conflicts amicably.

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Immigration and Investment

Our Firm is an expert on buying and selling of any kinds of assets and services, protective measures of doing business in Turkey and in Northern Cyprus. We also provide a full range of services for dispute resolution in relation to recognition and enforcement of foreign court decisions, mediation and arbitration practices.

Our competent and English speaking lawyers represent foreign clients in the matters of property transactions in Turkey, buying property in Turkiye, Work Permits, Company Formation, Criminal Defense, Citizenship by Investment, Family and Divorce Law, Turkish Immigration Law, and Real Estate and Rental/Leasing Law.

In addition to legal services, DENKTAS acts as a guide for investors, assisting them to understand the legal and economic environment in Turkey and in Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus. DENKTAS supports its clients directly or with reliable referrals, for any additional services that may be needed, including virtual office formations, outsourced accounting, and tax submissions.

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